Paradiso Garden & Noni's Pizza

Paradiso Garden

Restaurant and Bar

The construction of a new double story open air Bar and Grill Restaurant has made it a perfect place to meet and entertain guests. Whether for a quick lunch, after work drinks or an Al Fresco style dinner, the Paradiso Garden is always an ideal location.

One of the landmark sites at The Dome with adult and kiddies swimming pools, the whole garden area is a pleasurable haven for sunbathers and guests wanting to enjoy some outdoors.

With a well-crafted mountain high waterfall and artistically made dolphin fountain the ambiance is truly one of a kind.

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    Beach-like Feel

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    Relaxation Spot

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    Great Food & Drinks

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    Italian Pizza


Pizza Parlour

We are the first restaurant in Nigeria dedicated to serving children with all the great entertainment activities incorporated and our very Italian Pizza special.

All ingredients and compositions of our Pizza are chosen with view of keeping a healthy life style in mind and will always be child friendly. We have our own in house consultant from this very “specialized consumer sector”.